Latvian Diversity Charter

Diversity Charter is a voluntary declaration striving for respect and inclusion of diversity groups.

With consideration for the diversity of Latvian society and aware of the importance to the success of companies and organisations celebrating diversity and inclusion, including in the promotion of innovation and creativity, in finding new and a more diverse range of clients and partners and in reacting rapidly to changes; and bearing in mind that in accordance with the constitution and other laws all forms of discrimination are prohibited.

In the frame of this charter for diversity, we will:

  1. work towards an organisational culture that fully values mutual respect, diversity, inclusion and the principle of equal treatment; we shall create the conditions within the company that these values are respected, shared and lived; management has a special responsibility in this respect.
  2. in the management of the company, we shall emphasise consideration for diversity and inclusion, ensuring that this reflects in every aspect of the company's operations; we shall include diversity and inclusion objectives in management performance goals.
  3. we commit to assessing all recruitment and staffing policy process to ensure that they guarantee the optimum use and equal treatment of all employees' expertise and talents, eliminating discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnic background, skin colour, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and religious or political views;
  4. we shall work to ensure that the diversity of Latvian society is reflected in our workforce;
  5. we shall defend our staff against discrimination;
  6. we shall inform our staff of their rights and obligations in implementing the principle of equal treatment and create a dialogue amongst our workforce to ensure ownership of the diversity charter by all employees;
  7. we shall communicate routinely internally and externally about the implementation of the diversity charter
  8. we shall create opportunities for staff and clients to better understand the need for and benefits of the principle of equal treatment and ensure that cases of discrimination are resolved impartially and effectively;
  9. we shall respect all families, including non-registered couples and same-sex couples, their families such as civil partnerships, married couples and all have equal access to company benefits;
  10. we shall provide leadership and professional development for all diversity employees; we shall provide diversity and inclusion in specific training;
  11. we shall inform our staff, our clients and the public of other companies and institutions that have signed up to the charter and of success in fulfilling its objectives;
  12. support and encourage visible participation for events promoting diversity and equality;
  13. we shall develop and implement diversity inclusive marketing and advertising strategies;
  14. we shall be a visible role model for diversity workplace equality;
  15. we shall support public policy efforts that protect diversity workplace equality.

To join Latvian Diversity Charter, get in touch with us: info@imaginenordiclv